Terms of Use (must read)
the Patient Helpline Dispatch Service

The DISPATCH SERVICE program arranges for transportation services for patients with cancer or rare, low-vision disorders.

Program Aims:

  • Alleviate families struggling with these conditions from the financial and administrative burden of managing transportation needs 
  • Ensure treatment compliance by reducing missed appointments
  • Make access to care more equitable by introducing transportation services to rural and suburban communities

Foundation funds support the costs of transportation. Industry funds support the Helpline infrastructure.

If you qualify for the program, The Patient Helpline Dispatch Service will book and pay for one-way or round-trip transportation for medical purposes, on a single calendar date.

The form you will fill out provides all the information we need to secure your rides. Before submitting the form, please double-check it for accuracy.

If you have appointments on multiple days you should complete the form for each date you need a ride.

LIMITATIONS: There are certain criteria you must meet for us to help you. Currently, patients with Medicaid may not use the Dispatch Service, and instead must use the free transportation services Medicaid provides. Additionally, the Dispatch Service is only available to certain disease states. We expect this to expand in the future.

Also, Completing this form does not guarantee we can find transportation for you.

CONFIDENTIALITY: The Information listed below will be shared with the service providing the transportation. All of the information submitted via the form is kept private and confidential in our HIPAA-compliant client management system.

The information shared will be:

  • Full Name
  • Phone number
  • Date and time of pickup 
  • From-and-to addresses 
  • Special transportation instructions
  • Friend-family-caregiver name and phone 

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