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The Patients Rising Platform

Patients Rising is the gateway for patients to join our network, share their story, sign up for training, and take action. It provides a full suite of advocacy initiatives. It focuses on cultivating and activating a diverse grassroots network of patients, families, and allies to advocate for positive change in our complex healthcare system.

We work at community, state, and federal levels supporting reforms and legislation aimed at advancing patient access to affordable, quality healthcare.


  • Grassroots Advocacy
  • Advocacy Master Class Training teaches patients from across therapeutic areas on key healthcare issues and different ways they can raise their voice to move the needle in healthcare.
  • We the Patients Week on Capitol Hill is our signature event where patients and advocates engage directly with lawmakers. Patients share their stories and concerns with policymakers, aiming to influence positive changes in healthcare policy.
  • Patients Rising Stories is our innovative story portal that enables patients to share their stories. It acts as a community for patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and policy experts, as well as media and legislators, all while ensuring the patient’s voice is preeminent.
  • The Patients Rising Podcast and the Healthcare Policy Pop dig deep into the week’s healthcare policy issues and how they impact patients. Episodes feature the latest news, in-depth discussions with policymakers and patient advocates, and updates from patient correspondents around the country.
  • The Patient Access & Affordability Project evaluates the various frameworks used to assess and demonstrate the value of new treatments to ensure that the patient is kept at the center of these decisions.

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