Asco 2024

Patient accelerator

The Patient Helpline (“Helpline”) assists patients and their allies (“clients”) every day to overcome obstacles to accessing quality healthcare. Operated by experienced chronic illness patients, the Helpline understands the challenges facing even the most complex clients.

The “Patient Accelerator” is a project of the Patient Helpline that utilizes the expertise of the Helpline navigators as well as known, disease-specific advocates, to create, for specific disease communities:

  • Patient and Provider information panels
  • Resource bundles
  • Evergreen online classes
  • Online and hardcopy workbooks

The Accelerator and its presentations are a free service supported by sponsorships and grants.

Helpline Dispatch Service

The Patient Helpline Dispatch Service (“Dispatch Service”) is integrated into the Helpline infrastructure where patients from around the country call, email, or complete intake forms to communicate their needs to the Helpline. Since 2019, those encounters have been individually handled by our Helpline Navigators – chronic illness patients with unmatched experience and compassion. It is on this same infrastructure that the Dispatch Service operates. 

The Dispatch Service is designed as a solution to the transportation crisis facing patients in the U.S.; it is readily scalable and designed to be supported by several sources. The program directly serves an unmet need for patients with cancer, in both urban, suburban, and most importantly, rural regions.

You’ll receive updates about new resources, patient stories and insights, advocacy work, and alerts about patient-support events.