traveling with chronic illness

On the Road with a Chronic Illness

Danyelle is a repeat Contributor to Patients Rising, so when we saw that she was traveling cross-country we knew we wanted her to share what traveling with chronic illness was like. Here’s Danyelle and some of her awesome photos…. When I was invited to travel alongside my cousin and his …

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5 Symptoms PMDD

5 Symptoms that could kill me

Let’s start with just 5 symptoms that I live with How much can I truly handle? I ask myself this question every day for two weeks out of every month. It has become almost like a personal challenge, a game, to see how many ups and downs I can survive. …

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premenstrual dysphoric disorder

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: It’s Not Just PMS

MY PMS WAS…DIFFERENT My journey begins at the age of seventeen. As a person with a menstrual cycle, I expected to experience PMS like anyone else, and I certainly did. What I didn’t expect was the debilitating symptoms that soon followed. I compared my version of PMS to my friends’ …

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