Raise Your Hand If You Have Only One Diagnosis

There are few of us who live with only a single disease. High blood pressure + diabetes + lower back pain… diagnoses can pile up. When you have multiple health conditions these are called “co-morbidities” and they don’t exist separate from one another. Let’s explore this with advocate, Diane Talbert. …

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living with migraine

How Hard Is It To Live With Migraine Disease

Living with Migraine Is Hard. “Oh, it’s only a headache”, “Stop whining you’ll be okay”, “Stop being so glum”, “Snap out of it”; these are just some of the sentiments people with migraines deal with every time they express having an attack. It’s hard lenough iving with migraine and even …

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identity theft

A LifePlan to Prevent Identity Theft

I have been in the financial industry for over 35 years now. One of the things that happens every 28 days like clock work is changing your password. Everything we do has to be password protected. Remember the good old days when your password could be 4 letters. IDENTITY THEFT …

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Chair yoga

Exploring the Benefits of Chair Yoga

If you’re like me you’ve been wanting to try yoga forever but the daunting combination of balancing and stretching can seem unrealistic. I have tried yoga in the past but never seem to stick with it. It can seem especially overwhelming for someone who suffers from extreme pain or is …

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