attitudes inflammatory bowel disease

Attitudes about Socialization, Clinical Trials, Medication Use & Treatments in People of Color with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Editorial Note: this article is longer than our usual content. It is copied verbatim from the white paper of the same title. It captures the primary findings of the 18-month long project, “Engaging People of Color with Inflammatory Bowel Disease”. Abstract: Clinical trials for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have long …

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psoriatic arthritis community

Patients Rising and Bezzy PsA team up to support Psoriatic Arthritis Community

In February of 2022, Patients Rising joined missions with and Bezzy Psa, in a private forum for the psoriatic arthritis community. This partnership brings Patients Rising’s resources and philosophy to people living with psoriatic arthritis on Bezzy PsA’s platform, built exclusively for them. If you have psoriatic arthritis, we …

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A Project to Better Understand IBD in People of Color

“IBD genetics have been evaluated in more than 1,000 studies in white and Asian—primarily East Asian—populations. Although the risk is slightly lower than that of white Americans, African-Americans are at significant risk for IBD.” – from 2016 “We identified race-and SES (socioeconomic status)-based disparities in the content of medical …

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practicing self-care

Taking Time for Self Care During the Coronavirus

Until recently, I believed practicing Self-Care was for the emotionally traumatized. Then Coronavirus came, and if you’re human, you’re emotionally traumatized. Myself, no exception. Getting access to our doctors and treatments wasn’t easy before, but now…. There’s only so much telehealth can do. Self reliance is no longer something touted …

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alzheimer's disease symptoms

Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms – What You Need To Know

We’re going to talk about Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). You’ll meet Patricia, a woman recently diagnosed with AD. We’ll talk about early detection of Alzheimer’s, Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms, what some of the right steps are to prevent or slow it down, and dealing with the emotional weight of being diagnosed with …

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