myasthenia gravis

Myasthenia Gravis: Patients battle insurance companies to access right treatment

A Patient’s Guide to Myasthenia Gravis After three and a half years on the right asthma medication, myasthenia gravis patient Paula McGinnis was denied her prescription. The reason: a new step therapy policy. “If my asthma is not controlled, then I get MG weakness including the diaphragm,” Paula shares with Conquer MG. “I …

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Health Care Reform: How to Fix Health Care

3 Ways to Achieve Real Transparency in Health Care

Health care billing, insurance and spending are confusing – by design. Have you ever tried to figure out your hospital bill, insurance coverage, or cost for a surgery? The bills are confusing, in part, because the system itself has become inexcusably complex with an intertwined network of pharmacies, insurance companies, third-party …

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Patients Rising University: Living with multiple sclerosis

Patients living with multiple sclerosis find strength in advocacy, help others overcome barriers to access

Elizabeth Jameson never wanted to be an artist. The Boalt Hall School of Law-trained public interest attorney spent her career representing disabled children incourt. But when multiple sclerosis stripped her of the ability to speak, Jameson needed another way to continue her mission to change the world. First, she confronted …

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End Step Therapy

Insurers insisted on step therapy. Her son suffered in pain. This mom fought back

Patients aren’t numbers. Health care policies should never forget that. Diseases — rare and common– don’t discriminate based on age, race, color, or creed. Our health care policies often ignore this reality — reducing human patients to numbers on a spreadsheet. Illness, disease, chronic pain — these are statistically more likely …

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