waiting for a new heart

Months in the Hospital and Doug Got a New Heart

Occasionally we’ll hear stories about a heart transplant. What you rarely hear is the excruciating story behind waiting for a heart transplant. Kate spoke with Doug from New Jersey about his long, lonely limbo, trapped in the hospital, waiting for a heart transplant. Here’s Kate… Out of Nowhere When Doug …

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durable medical equipment

Why Is Durable Medical Equipment Such a Problem?

In a bit of a twist of events this week, I wanted my latest blog to highlight one of the most frustrating and dehumanizing aspects of the healthcare system: the fight to receive durable medical equipment. Now, I am in patient advocacy for a living. I literally received a degree …

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Why You Must Be An Active Advocate

To succeed as a patient in America, you cannot afford to be passive. Today Kate has a conversation with June and her husband Kenny who have been actively self advocating ever since June got sick. It’s the only way she could ever have been seen with an invisible illness. Here’s …

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Marriage, Ableism, and Social Security Disability

In this installment of Kate Across America, Kate speaks with Lori Long of California. Lori has been disabled since childhood. The Social Security Administration is penalizing her for marrying her non-disabled fiance. That’s marriage discrimination and it sounds absurd because it is. Here’s Kate with the story…. When Lori met …

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