“Know Your Back Story” Helps Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain Access Nonopioid Therapies

A new health awareness program is helping millions of patients suffering from chronic low back pain gain access to nonopioid pain management treatment options and identify the potential causes for their recurring problem.  This September – in recognition of National Pain Awareness Month – Vertos Medical partnered with The Harris …

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health benefits spelled out on keyboard

Can Employer Health Benefits Be Saved? 

Health Plan Heroes Are Showing the Way By Terry Wilcox For decades, policy wonks have been fighting over how to lower health care costs for patients. In the DC Metro area where I live, every problem is treated as a government problem needing a government solution. Both Republicans and Democrats …

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oral drug parity, cancer drug coverage parity act

How the Drug Coverage Parity Act Helps Patients

Last week, The Hill ran an op-ed by Terry Wilcox, executive director of Patients Rising. She called on Congress to pass the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act, which would require insurers charge patients the same price for oral chemotherapy as the do for its IV equivalent. Read the op-ed here. Cancer Drug …

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CoPay Accumulator, Robbing your copay assistance

Have You Heard Of the CoPay Accumulator?

A new patient barrier to access is here courtsey of your health insurer and pharmacy benefit manager and it is known as the “CoPay Accumulator“. Remember this term: CoPay Accumulator. As we wrote last week, it’s beginning to affect patient out of pocket costs across the country. Health insurance gives …

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They Are Coming After Your Copay Assistance

Living with a chronic condition is costly. There are 117 million adults living with one or more chronic conditions in the United States. Many of them need some form of copay assistance to offset the high costs that come with a chronic condition. Copay Assistance often comes in the form …

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Psoriasis: Access to Care

Patient advocates David Kottler and Diane Talbert describe the ongoing battle with insurance companies over access to the right treatments for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. David: “If the insurance companies would listen to my doctor, I don’t think I’d ever come in with a bad day. I wouldn’t walk around …

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Migraines: Eileen Brewer shares her patient story

Patient advocate Eileen Brewer shares what it’s like to live with migraines. “I want to be able to take my kids to the park, and three days a week, I can’t do it. As Chair Elect of the American Headache & Migraine Association, she’s helping unite fellow migraine patients and …

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Migraines – Kerrie’s Story

Patient advocate Kerrie Smyres explains why she started “The Daily Headache,” a blog that chronicles the physical and emotional challenges of chronic migraine headaches. “For a migraine, you have to fight so many battles. People don’t believe us. It’s really hard to be so sick and feel like you have …

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Migraines: It’s Not Just a Headache

Patient advocates Eileen Brewer, Art Sampson and Kerrie Smyres want people to know, “It’s not just a headache.” These patients share why they’re optimistic about new migraine treatment innovations. Find out more about living with migraine headaches and chronic pain by visiting Eileen’s patient advocacy organization, the American Headache & Migraine …

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High Cholesterol – Access to Medications

High cholesterol patients Joanne Smith and George Acker share their voices about the importance of access to the right medications. What does access mean to these patients? George: “Let the doctor make the decision!” Joanne: “It’s really frustrating, knowing that this medicine could be pulled out from under me.” As patient …

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High Cholesterol: Joanne Smith shares her story

Joanne Smith suffered with the painful side effects of statins. After battling her insurance company, she gained access to a new medication, called a PCSK9 inhibitor, which brought her LDL cholesterol down from 268 to 121. As a patient advocate with the Global Healthy Living Foundation’s 50-State Network, Joanne is helping more …

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