Be Your Own Best Advocate

All the tools You Need to be the best advocate you can be

The instructors are powerhouse patient advocates who have walked in your shoes. They’ve put together their most impactful tips, and through video modules and supplemental content like articles, blog posts, podcasts, and even TikTok videos, they give you all the tools you need to be the best advocate you can be.

The course is hosted on a learning platform called Circle.  Join our Patient Helpline community to get access to the free course.

Course Lessons

  • Self-Advocacy 101 with Debilee Flores 

  • Navigating Access to Treatment & Care with Jess Wofford 

  • Optimizing Your Relationship With Your Doctor with Ella Balasa and Meridith O’Connor 

  • Understanding Medical Records Management, HIPAA, and Data Ownership with Elisa Comer and Jessica Lunshof 

  • Navigating Care as a Member of a Marginalized Community w CarmenRose Fiallo

  • Disability Rights with Nancy Pickett

  • Demystifying Clinical Trials with Richie Kahn

  • Tips for Taking Care of Yourself While Living with Chronic Illness with Michael Riotto

  • Medical Appointment Transportation with Samantha Smith

  • How to Use Patients Rising Concierge with Samantha Smith

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