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opioid overdose reversal medication

Accessing Naloxone at Your Local Pharmacy

from the editor: This article focuses on accessing naloxone to reverse opioid overdose. Patients Rising is keenly aware of the sensitivity and misrepresentation that sometimes accompanies talking about the opioid crisis. On our Patient Helpline, we talk to a lot of chronic pain patients as they encounter difficulty accessing sufficient

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young adult cancer

Useful Resources for the Parents Caring for Young Cancer Patients

The most devastating thing for a parent to face is a serious illness in their child. Maintaining a positive temperament while ensuring your child gets the right treatment and adequate support can be overwhelming. During such stressful periods, family members and friends can help, as can resources designed for you

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insulin costs

Resources to Reduce the Burden of Insulin Costs on Patients’ Pockets

Reducing the financial stress of insulin costs on persons with diabetes has been a long-standing conversation among advocates and policymakers. There has been a patchwork of efforts by stakeholders to ease this burden in the form of copay assistance programs, copay caps, and more recently, the cap on monthly patient

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New Treatment Options Emerge for Gastroparesis Management

Gastroparesis, or paralysis of the stomach, is a condition of the digestive system that is commonly associated with diabetes but could result from other factors. With the stomach’s inability to empty food normally, gastroparesis can cause symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and feeling full quickly after eating. Other than

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pharmacists to prescribe medicine

Giving Pharmacists the Ability to Write Prescriptions Will Improve Patient Access

Physician shortage across the nation and across specialties has resulted in greater responsibilities for nurses and pharmacists. In a bid to ensure patients have consistent access to treatment, a growing number of states are authorizing pharmacists to prescribe medicines. Pharmacists with qualifying criteria can have the permission to prescribe specific

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undiagnosed endometriosis

Early Diagnosis of Endometriosis Significantly Impacts Overall Quality of Life

Endometriosis affects about 10% of women in their reproductive age (typically, 15-49 years) across the globe. A painful, chronic condition that can cause inflammation-related scarring, endometriosis is genetic—meaning you are at a higher risk if your mother or sister(s) have endometriosis. However, patients live with undiagnosed endometriosis for an extended

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using app for research

Guidance for a Family with a Newly Diagnosed Cousin

Our Patients Rising’s Patient Helpline navigator program is an online, phone and email support service for patients and caregivers. Our professional patient navigators provide direct support to people and connect them to local, state and national resources, programs, and services. Client situation: A family member called about their cousin who was

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healthcare technology

What is Healthcare Technology Doing for the Chronically Ill?

Think about how Covid-19 has impacted our healthcare system. Its routine care disruptions highlight the importance of the healthcare technologies we use to get access and delivery of care. This, on top of the routine care problems faced by many chronic disease patients such as busy providers lack of care

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