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untreated mental health

Minority Populations Face Uphill Challenges When Seeking Mental Health Care

Even before the pandemic-associated isolation, loss, and racial tensions emerged, minority groups have been among the more vulnerable populations suffering from mental health conditions. While biology plays a significant role, factors such as access to adequate education, financial security, and certain social issues such as language barriers and cultural differences

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immunocompromised during covid-19

Capturing Wellbeing in Vulnerable Communities During Covid, Using Images

In May of 2020, Laura Sinko a mental health nurse and PhD researcher at University of Pennsylvania, reached out to Patients Rising. Sinko and her colleagues were conducting a photography study to amplify the lived experiences of people who are immunocompromised during COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. They asked us to help

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anxiety and depression in psoriatic arthritis

Taking Care of Your Mental and Physical Health in Psoriatic Arthritis

Disease-associated mental stress is a reality that affects disease progression and how bodies responds to treatment, among other things. Anxiety and depression in psoriatic arthritis (PsA) are recognized comorbidities, and it is important to address these issues to ensure patient wellbeing. Here’s why. A Bit of Background on PsA An

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types of burnout

Know Your Stress: Different Types of Burnout

When we speak about burnout, we’re usually talking about occupational burnout. It’s discussed in relation to someone’s career and becoming burnt out in their professional life. We typically see this in Americans whose lives revolve around working for a living. So what about other types of burnout? There are actually

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access to mental health

Mental Healthcare: What Are The Roadblocks?

There is very little equity between physical healthcare and mental healthcare. That isn’t supposed to be the case, but it clearly is. Here we explore the issues surrounding the access to mental healthcare. Behavioral/mental health issues are rampant in our society, but they are not addressed as much as we

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Living With Migraine and Healthcare Anxiety

Healthcare Anxiety. Today, you’re covered. You fill your prescriptions and everything is fine. Then, you get married, or move to a new state, or your doctor retires – now life is totally unstable. Will you lose coverage? Have to train a new doctor? Can you still afford the healthcare to

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Suicidal Ideation: how to hear what isn’t being said

When people are feeling suicidal, they are not likely to come up to you and say, “I am experiencing suicidal ideations.” “Suicidal ideation” by the way, is the clinical term for contemplating or planning suicide.  So, what can you look for in the words or behavior of a person that

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suicidal ideation

3 Important Things to Do in Response to Suicidal Ideation

Someone tells to you they are thinking about harming themselves or ending their life. The term for this is “Suicidal Ideation” and it’s obvioulsy serious. It doesn’t have to mean making or having a plan to carry out suicide, it could be fantasizing about not being alive. There are many

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abusive relationships

The Mentally Ill May Be More Susceptible to Abusive Relationships

by Hannah Page I surveyed the landfill that had become of the apartment my (now-ex) fiancé and I had once envisioned as where we would make our first home together. The whole place was an uncomfortably apt metaphor for Chris’s and my relationship. We rushed into the lease without inspecting

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