How to Make Informed Decisions about Biologic Drugs in Your Treatment Plan

Biosimilars are biologic medicines that are highly similar to the original biologic medicine,sometimes we refer to this as the “name brand.” For the purposes of this e-book, we will refer to them as originator biologics. 

e-book authors
  • Surabhi Dangi-Garimella, Ph.D., Principal, SDG AdvoHealth, LLC
  • Jim Sliney Jr., Director of Patient Outreach, Patients Rising University

Listen to our Podcast Episode about Biosimilars

Podcast hosts Terry Wilcox and Robert “Dr. Bob” Goldberg review what biosimilars are, explore their relationship to drug prices, and discuss the changing role of biosimilars in healthcare and the marketplace.

EPISODE SUMMARY: Price is one the of largest barriers to medical treatment and accessible medicine. As many patients struggle to afford the high price tags at the pharmacy, there might soon be a solution. As more biosimilars enter the commercial market, some experts are claiming that they will actually lead to lower drug costs for patients everywhere. In this episode of the Patients Rising Podcast, we look into the relationship between biosimilars and drug prices, break down what biosimilars are, and how they are changing the healthcare landscape.




Patient Attitudes around Cost, Safety & Efficacy​

Patient Survey Report

Patients Rising University conducted a survey to better understand patient experiences and attitudes regarding biologics and biosimilars. This report summarizes what we learned.

Survey Results Infographic

This simple infographic illustrates the five big takeaways from our 2020 survey of 127 patients.

Videos Addressing Biologics & Biosimilars Concerns

The Patient Perspective: Christina

Crossfit competitor and triathlete Christina Wolffe shares her experience using a biosimliar to manage Type 1 Diabetes.

Webinar & Panel Discussion

Terry Wilcox interviews two patients who have experience using biosimilars to treat their conditions.

Patients Rising Discussion Lab: Towards a Biosimilar Future – Safety, Savings, Solutions

Biosimilars represent at once a breakthrough innovation on behalf of patients and a gateway solution that can address the challenges of cost and access. That’s why our Discussion Lab (virtual) will focus on the extraordinary potential of these medicines, as well as how misaligned market incentives and misinformation discourage the use of this and other lower-priced alternatives. We will also explore the policy and educational choices that can encourage new and expanded utilization — and take permanent strides towards a biosimilar future.

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