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EPISODE SUMMARY: Many patients with chronic illnesses have had their treatments delayed or postponed as healthcare shifts its focus to COVID-19. Lifesaving procedures for the chronically ill have been put on the back burner. 

How does the healthcare system prioritize who is worth immediate care, and what does that mean for the patients put at the end of the line?

On this episode, we explore these moral dilemmas in healthcare with the help of Dr. Camosy, a professor of bioethics. And Kate speaks with Jennifer McNary, a mother fighting against ICER’s pricing roadblocks in order to get her sons’ access to treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

EPISODE SUMMARY: Restaurant menus list their prices. So why not hospitals? Unfortunately, patients usually don’t know the cost of their procedure or medication until they get the bill. Getting access to hospital pricing is also just as difficult as getting a hold of your own digital medical records. So how can patients take back control over their healthcare decisions? On this episode, we discuss the ins and outs of price transparency models, and how to pass legislation that will put you in control of your finances and health.

Honest, helpful discussions about chronic illness issues.


Terry Wilcox
Patients Rising Executive Director

Robert “Dr. Bob” Goldberg
Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, Co-Founder & Vice President



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