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medical travel and lodging

Medical Travel and Lodging Options for Patients and their Allies

When you need to travel to a different town or state to receive medical care, or to participate in a clinicaltrial, both you and your caregiver might be looking for travel and lodging support so you can focus ongetting better. Our navigators who assist patients and caregivers at the Patient …

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Patient Advocacy: the 4-paragraph letter

For people impacted by chronic illness, getting involved in patient advocacy can be empowering. More than that, it can be a way to effect change in a system that needs it. Engaging with law makers may feel out of reach or intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here is …

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Health Data Portability

Health Data Portability: Who Owns Your Health Data?

Healthcare portals are a very common feature of the service provided by most clinics and hospitals. However, the convenience of being able to easily access your health data remains a challenge for many patients. This article touches on the importance of health data portability and some of the challenges associated …

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wheelchair damage during air travel.

Knowing Your Rights: Wheelchair Damage During Air Travel

from the editor: Many members of our PatientsRisingFam have told us that they have experienced wheelchair damage during air travel. We asked Surabhi to investigate this and she found that this problem was much bigger than we ever thought. We’ve given you some links at the end so you can …

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involuntary civil commitment

Varied State Laws and How it Complicates Involuntary Civil Commitment

What is involuntary civil commitment? Involuntary civil commitment is the admission of an individual into a mental health facility, or providing them treatment against their will, if they are an immediate risk or danger to themselves or those around them. A person could face this situation because of: The Ethics …

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early onset dementia

The Why and How of Early-Onset Dementia

Dementia is commonly associated with older age. However, recent statistics show that about 3.9 million people in the 30-64 age group may be suffering from dementia globally, with Alzheimer’s being the most prevalent—there are an estimated 300,000-360,000 early-onset Alzheimer’s patients living in the U.S. Before we go any further, we …

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caregiving for seniors

Caregiving for Seniors: Knowing When to Relocate

We’re very happy to welcome guest writer Hazel Bridges, founder and principal of She’s here to tell us about an uncertain time we who are caregiving for seniors might face – whether to relocate to care for our elder loved ones. Here’s Hazel…. Do you have a loved one …

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Patients Rising Concierge

The Patient Helpline: Providing Help is a Team Effort

Our Patient Helpline service (previously Patients Rising Concierge) is all about connecting patients and caregivers to the resources that can solve their problems. We don’t provide grants or financial support, nor do we have cars and the ability to drive someone to their doctor, but we know who does. And …

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parents health insurance

What Young Adults Need to Know About Health Insurance Enrollment

Are you under 26 years of age but don’t have health insurance? Have you considered enrolling on your parents’ health insurance plan? The Affordable Care Act gives you that option if your parents’ plan covers dependents! Here are the options: Till you turn 26, you can remain on your parent’s …

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caregiver support

How Do U.S. States Rank in Caregiver Support Policies?

According to a 2020 report, an estimated 22-26 million adults provide unpaid care to a family member or friend, helping with daily activities, personal and medical care, as well as daily chores. Interestingly, an expansion of medical care at home and the complexity of the healthcare system itself means family …

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mental therapy apps

Have You Found a Trustworthy Mental Therapy App?

Convenience wins—whether it means shopping online, because my favorite store is far from home, or telehealth that gives me the option of connecting remotely with my clinical care provider. The technological revolution in healthcare has transformed how many of us seek care, including the use of mental therapy apps. This …

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