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An Infographic for Finding Patient Transportation

Medical transportation tips for patients and caregivers as well as types of medical transportation including emergency and non emergency medical transportation. Download the Infographic for Finding Patient Transportation. Feel free to share. Links are live. Additional transportation resources below. Other Transportation content:  

patient transportation

Helping Patients Find Transportation – The Patient Helpline

Our Patients Rising, Patient Helpline navigator program is an online, phone and email support service for patients and caregivers. Our professional patient navigators provide direct support to people and connect them to local, state and national resources, programs, and services. Client’s Situation: Has a newborn grandson who has spina bifida, …

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The Role of Transportation in Physical and Mental Health

Having access to dependable transportation is an important social factor that affects a person’s daily life, including health. Being unable to get to your medical appointments or to your pharmacy for filling up your prescription can have a significant impact on health outcomes. It is critical for those with chronic …

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non emergency medical transportation

Top Tips for Finding Non Emergency Medical Transportation Near You

Patients Rising Concierge gets a lot of questions about how to find transportation – in particular the “non emergency medical transportation” (NEMT) kind. We gathered all our top tips on how to find medical transportation in your area. Call you insurance company We know you don’t want to do it, …

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non-emergency medical transportation


Scenario: You have a doctor’s appointment but no way to get there. You’ve asked your friends, you’ve asked your family, but no one is available. This appointment is really important! What do you do? You look for medical transportation. Medical Transportation At Patients Rising Concierge, we hear about patient transportation issues …

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