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6 Ways Health Insurance Helps You Save $

Open enrollment can be frustrating. Deciding which coverage is best for you depends on an array of things; such as cost, premium, drug coverage, provider network, etc. But all that cost and stress can be offset by some lesser known insurance discounts. Here’s what you should keep a look out for.

Note: Insurance policies are long and complicated. This may require research on your part. We help by pointing to some of the more common plans that we found participating in these different insurance benefits. We’re not endorsing anything, just sharing what we found. We may have missed some, but see the legend at the end of the article to find your insurer.


Doing your best to stay healthy is important. Sometimes that can include going to a gym, but a gym membership may not be affordable. One of the perks, or incentives with some insurance companies are discounted gym memberships! Companies offer different types of discounts for gyms across the country.

Who offers these? CA, AA, ABC, UHC*

*    AA may even have discounts available home equipment, like treadmills

**  UHC also has discounts on some active footwear

Weight Management

Through United Health Allies with UHC, you can also find discounts on different weight loss programs such as Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig.

Check to see if yours offers insurance discounts for these weight loss programs.

Healthier Eating

UHC also offers a Healthy Savings program to help shoppers on select items on a weekly basis. It’s possible to save up to $50 dollars a week with it! The program is only good with participating retailers, such as Giant and Shop ‘n’ Save, but you can search for other participating locations on the website.

AA has discounts on meal home delivery subscriptions too. Members can check their eligibility by going to the website, selecting health programs, clicking discounts and seeing what they’re eligible for.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is a range of medical therapies that are not regarded as orthodox by the medical profession, such as herbalism, homeopathy, and acupuncture. Some companies offer an array of different wellness discounts that range from basic wellness perks, to savings on alternative health therapies such as massage and chiropractic care.

Who offers these? CA, HA

Wellness Discounts

HA offers a range of perks from percent off LASIK procedures and teeth whitening! ABC has savings for their members such as pet insurance, and DNA kits.

Over-The-Counter Discounts

HA also offers discounts on some over the counter medications, such as Tylenol and Advil.

Tell us about Insurance Discounts you have found

Like we said, insurance plans are complicated. Have you found other insurance benefits that we may have missed? Tell us about them by emailing info@josephk16.sg-host.com with the subject line “MORE INSURANCE BENEFITS.” Or you can DM us on Instagram, message us on Facebook, or Tweet us!

Insurance Company Names

UHC – United Health Care

AA – Aetna

CA – Cigna

ABC – Anthem Blue Cross

HA – Humana

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