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Helping Patients Find Transportation – The Patient Helpline

Our Patients Rising, Patient Helpline navigator program is an online, phone and email support service for patients and caregivers. Our professional patient navigators provide direct support to people and connect them to local, state and national resources, programs, and services.

Client’s Situation: Has a newborn grandson who has spina bifida, and his mother is also intellectually disabled. The three of them need transportation to his upcoming doctors appointments. Her grandson qualifies for Florida Medicaid, but it hasn’t kicked in yet to get Medicaid transportation. The grandmother needs to go to appointments as well because her daughter struggles to understand all the medical information.

Patient Helpline Navigator’s Response: Hi Kimberly! I found a few things. Hopefully they will be helpful!In case this wasn’t the number you tried to call, I found this number for your local medicaid office: Medicaid department in area 352-589-6424 Now, I’m not sure if this would work, but I found an organization that helps children with disabilities. One office is based in Orlando; which might be close enough to help you. I would recommend calling them and seeing if their transportation services would help. The link is here: https://angelsonearthppec.com/services/medical-transport/

About the Issue: Transportation is one of the biggest issues we hear about. Many patients can’t afford the expense out of pocket, and aren’t sure where to look. At PRC, we work with the patient to find services available in their area, and sharing how to find transportation in the future.

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