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The Power to Have Your Medical Record Where and When You Need It: Patients Rising and Tamvoes

A major goal for us at Patients Rising is to provide healthcare-related support to our audience (the #PatientsRisingFam), allowing them to focus more on their health. One of the ways that we do
this is by forging meaningful partnerships. Our most recent partnership is with the woman-led startup Tamvoes, whose goal is to empower patients by easing their access to medical information.


Tamvoes is a health information management platform—for individuals, families, and their healthcare
team. Their mission: to empower individuals so they can make informed decisions about their health.

The platform has some very smart features:

  • Chronological Journal to keep track of appointments, reminders, notes, and events
  • Order Labs and view results
  • Lab Report Analysis in partnership with Easylabs
  • Track Vitals such as your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, among other things
  • Search for Professionals via a directory of health care providers near you
  • Secure Chat with your team members

Questions about how secure your data will be? Read about how Medstack will keep your information safe on the platform.

The Story Behind Tamvoes

Jessica Lunshof, co-founder of TAMVOES, who’s also a trained nurse, spoke with Patients Rising about the motivation to create TAMVOES and her vision for the platform. As a caregiver for her ailing mother who was diagnosed with advanced-stage multiple myeloma, Jessica described the burden of sharing recounting her mother’s health status with multiple care providers, over and over. One of the features of the platform that Jessica highlighted is the chronological journal feature, which allows individuals to share events with specific healthcare providers.

How we’re working together

Because Patients Rising believes in Jessica’s philosophy and the mission of Tamvoes, we are creating some educational content together. Jessica will be an instructor in our upcoming Self-Advocacy Course, lending her expertise to a lesson (tentatively) titled, “Knowing Your Rights and Owning Your Data”. Jessica has been featured on our Podcast and we are also brainstorming a project to see how real-time access to medical records impacts the patient experience.

Jim Sliney Jr. Director of Patient Outreach Patients Rising

As the Director of Patient Outreach at Patients Rising, Jim works very closely with the people to help them tell their stories. Jim is a Columbia University trained writing consultant and has worked closely with writers of all levels of skill to help them find and refine their voices. He is a writer, editor, author and certified medical assistant with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. Jim has spent over two decades in clinical care and research at some of New York’s biggest health institutions doing hands-on patient care, education and advocacy for rare disease patients. He has worked with several non-profit patient support organizations doing outreach, advocacy and creating educational content. Twitter Linkedin

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