congenital muscular dystrophy

Two Affected with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy Strive for Rare Inclusion

NEW YORK, NY — July 20, 2023 — Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD) affected individuals, Kelly Berger and Avery Roberts are making their voices heard. Together they hope to tackle misconceptions surrounding disability and give a loud voice to the, often forgotten, rare disease community. CMD is a rare genetic disorder

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opioid overdose reversal medication

Accessing Naloxone at Your Local Pharmacy

from the editor: This article focuses on accessing naloxone to reverse opioid overdose. Patients Rising is keenly aware of the sensitivity and misrepresentation that sometimes accompanies talking about the opioid crisis. On our Patient Helpline, we talk to a lot of chronic pain patients as they encounter difficulty accessing sufficient

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cancer terms and acronyms

45 Cancer Terms and Acronyms: A Glossary by a Survivor

Hello friends, your friendly editor, Jim, here. I’d like to introduce you to Anj Oto. Anj is a communications professional and breast cancer survivor from Honolulu, Hawai’i. She is here to improve our health literacy by introducing us to several cancer terms and acronyms. Here’s Anj… Getting Diagnosed with Cancer

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Medicaid Work Requirements

Medicaid Work Requirements Compromise Access to Healthcare

The COVID-19 public health emergency has ended, and with it has ended the continuous enrollment provision in Medicaid programs. Additionally, “able-bodied adults with no dependents” (ABAWDs) enrolled in Medicaid are included in the debt-ceiling negotiations that are ongoing in Washington. Along with Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and

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antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic Resistance Can Complicate C. Diff Treatment

Clostridioides difficile (commonly known as C. diff) is a bacterium (germ) that can cause severe diarrhea and inflammation of the large intestine (colitis). The U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has labeled C. diff as a major health threat because of the possible severity of symptoms, potential for

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preventing stroke

Stroke: Know the Risk Factors and How to Prevent Stroke

When blood supply to the brain is prevented, either due to a blood clot or a ruptured blood vessel, it can result in stroke. The lack of blood supply prevents oxygen and nutrients from reaching the brain cells and can cause the brain cells to die. While stroke is a

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c.diff infection

Understanding Your Risk for C. Diff Infection

Clostridioides difficile [klos–TRID–e–OY-dees dif–uh–SEEL], commonly known as C. diff, is a bacterium (germ) that can cause severe diarrhea and inflammation of the large intestine (colitis). With an estimated half a million infections in the U.S. each year, these contagious bacteria can be life-threatening. How Do You Get C. diff ?

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Paratransit Services Long in Need of an Upgrade

Over 3.6 million Americans are home bound because their disability restricts or prevents travel. More than 13.4 million adults who are in the typical labor workforce ages (18-64) have travel-limiting disabilities. They are joined by more than 11 million older than 65. How does this affect their ability to get

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accurate diagnosis of lyme disease

Grace’s Story: Accurate Diagnosis of Lyme Disease Remains a Challenge

Commonly known as a tick-borne condition, accurate diagnosis of Lyme disease continues to be a challenge in the U.S. Symptoms that are similar to 350 other diseases is the main challenge with diagnosis based on symptoms alone. Additionally, there are nuances associated with diagnostic testing that can confirm the infection—the

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